Decorative Ceramic Wall Tile

Reasons to Choose Our Coral Design

Make a statement in your home or business with our Coral tile design. This hand-carved, decorative ceramic wall tile is stunning.  If you are thinking about renovating, you should carefully consider the type of tile you are going to be featuring. Here are some advantages of choosing this particular ceramic wall tile for your upcoming project.

Color Availability- Wherever you decide to place decorative ceramic wall tile, we will help you select the color scheme. All of our tile designs are available in a range of colors and custom glazes. It is also possible to order these tiles in unglazed or colored clays. We can even help you pick out multiple colors to create a unique piece for your business or home.

Focal Point-You will draw people’s focus to a particular wall when you choose our Coral tile design. This eye-catching focal point is symmetrical with the measurements of 4”x4.75”.

If you need assistance with selecting a tile design, color, or glaze, you can trust our staff to walk you through your options and provide suggestions based on where you are placing the tile. To meet with our tile designers and team, you need to schedule an appointment when you call (412) 904-4040 today.