Glaze Gallery for Tiles and Ceramics

One of the main factors that go into designing custom ceramic tiles for your project is selecting the ideal glaze and color. At Limelight Tile & Ceramics, we want you to have choices when it comes to choosing the perfect glaze for ceramic tile murals, so we offer 300+ glazes and that number continues to grow.  To help you with the selection process, we created a gallery for our primary line of glazes. Even though we are continually expanding our glazes, we want you to know we can make custom glazes for our clients. We can assist you with color matching, hand-painted designs, natural clay body, metallic, crackle finishes, and satin matte. Handmade and hand-glazed ceramic will have a natural variation which is part of the beauty and appeal.

To contact our team about our glazes for tiles and ceramics, you can give us a call at (412) 904-4040 right now.

Low Fire Line

Perfect for an interior wall.

High Fire Line

These glazes are fired at a higher temperature to hold up to the extremes making them very durable.

Low-Fire White Clay Body

High-Fire White Clay Body

Low-Fire Red Clay Body

Art Glazes

The natural characteristics of our Art Glazes are subject to change in appearance based on the form of each tile, no two tiles will be exactly the same.