Create Custom Restaurant Tile With Us

Whether you are opening a restaurant or another type of business, you should express your creativity through the design to create a distinct atmosphere for your customers to enjoy. The Triangles offer a specific design component because of the shape. Plus, you can personalize the color scheme and layout to create a custom design for your restaurant. The ceramic tile patterns are endless because we can create custom colors if you do not like one from our current selection of more than 300 distinct colors.

Since each side of the triangle measures 3”, you can easily fit your design into a particular space evenly.

Brighten up your restaurant with decorative ceramic tile for the walls, booths, floors, and more. Use your creativity to design a masterpiece for your business and if you need assistance, our designers are here to help you every step of the way. Reach out to our team by dialing (412) 904-4040 and work with us to create the ideal restaurant tile.