Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

How to Choose a Kitchen Backsplash for Your Home

In your house, you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen, whether you are preparing a meal or eating with the family. Most people choose to renovate this room first because it is used so often. The team at Limelight Tile & Ceramics wants to help you decide which is the ideal ceramic kitchen backsplash for your home.

Texture- Most people will instantly jump to the tile color, which is also essential, but the surface is an important element of the design. This particular design element can be created to stand out or blend in with countertops and cabinets.

Color- From neutrals to vibrant colors, at Limelight Tile & Ceramics, we have over 300 colors. If none of these colors are the exact one you are looking for, we can create one specifically for your home. When choosing a color, you should consider the colors in the room like cabinets, walls, and decorations.

Pattern- Whether you want a repeating pattern or something to catch the eye, our team of designers can create a unique tile pattern for your home.

Remember to keep in mind texture, color, and the pattern when you are choosing a ceramic kitchen backsplash. We can help you through the design process when you give us a call at (412) 904-4040 right now.