Here at Limelight Tile & Ceramics, we design and manufacture custom ceramic tiles along with architectural and decorative elements such as sinks, planters, signage, and sculptures for interior or exterior installations in any pattern, size, or color. From ceramic tile murals to backsplashes, you can depend on our team for quality tile designs. To make it more convenient for our customers, we work with your budget and blueprints. You can describe to us or sketch your design idea and we will bring it to life. You can even choose one of our existing designs and then pick a color.



In the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our 25,000+ square foot facility is home to our production and showroom. Here we turn raw materials from nearby sources into thousands of square feet of tile for your special project, or, into your one-of-a-kind hand-carved, hand-painted accent piece.



We strive to be on top of every aspect which includes design, construction, and manufacturing for tiles and ceramics. When you are searching for high-quality, environmentally-responsible, unique and durable solutions for your upcoming projects, you can rely on Limelight Tile & Ceramics.

Contact us today to schedule a time to tour our showroom and meet with our talented designers.

Limelight Tile & Ceramics is proud to announce its new relationship with The Homer Laughlin China Company, the maker of FIESTA® Dinnerware.

Limelight is now an official licensee of The Homer Laughlin China Company, under its FIESTA trademark and will be designing, producing & selling a line of porcelain tiles that embraces the iconic style of FIESTA® Dinnerware.

Our Facility

  • The kiln wall in the production room

  • Sample Tile Boards in the Showroom

  • Show Room & Creative Space

We are based in the center of the design district of Pittsburgh, PA.  While amongst the excitement of the Strip District, we are pleased to offer our clientele parking directly off of our nearly 2,500 sqft showroom.  With plenty of room for creativity the showroom is open during regular business hours, and by appointment.  Proud of our operations, we will gladly give customers a tour of our adjacent production room.

PBT Small Manufacturer of the Year 2016

On December 1, 2016, Limelight Tile & Ceramics received the Small Manufacturer of the Year from the Pittsburgh Business Times. We are truly honored to be among such great manufacturer’s in the Pittsburgh region!

Don Cella

Don Cella is the owner of Limelight Tile and ceramics. Working in every aspect of the business he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Don was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and is a proud supporter of products made in the USA, therefore he prides himself in the fact that all of Limelight’s supplies, products and production materials are from the Greater Pittsburgh area or just over the state line in Ohio.